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The Culture and Heritage working group is part of the Chinatown Legacy Stewardship Group, a civic advisory group appointed by the City of Vancouver. The group works with the City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Transformation Team of planners on Chinatown’s culture and heritage development, a key component in the work towards the City of Vancouver’s commitment to nominating Chinatown for UNESCO world heritage site designation (commitment made by City Council on April 22, 2018). The working group’s focus is to promote, conserve and activate Chinatown’s cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, and to work with the City of Vancouver on a management plan for the cultural heritage assets in Vancouver Chinatown.


​A series of initiatives will form the first annual Fire Dragon Festival to celebrate and promote Chinatown’s cultural heritage, including the curation of a number of artistic dragons that will be displayed throughout Chinatown. This inaugural event will bring the Chinatown community together — past and present — through celebration, cultural activities and performances, culinary exploration and the appreciation of intangible heritage. Our vision is to establish a community tradition through partnership and collaboration that will strengthen awareness and education about Chinatown’s cultural legacy, and be practiced for years to come.